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To enjoy the Sodbury Sportive make sure you are fit enough for your chosen distance.
Give yourself plenty of time to reach your required fitness level.  If you are completely new to cycling you'll need to gradually build up your fitness.  Cycle a distance within yourself and increase the distance no more than 10% each week.  Using the 10% increase rule of thumb, working back from your desired distance will give you an indication of how many weeks training you'll require.
Try to get a training buddy, ideally of similar starting fitness and with the same end goal.  If you can't convince any of your friends, consider joining a local club.  

There are lots of ways to reach your fitness goal and can be tailored to the amount of time you have available.  For example, for those with a busy life, consider High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for the bulk of your training combined with low intensity rides on the weekends to develop your stamina.

Keep your fitness routines enjoyable, this will increase the chances of it be sustainable.  Make sure you have enough variety to avoid the fitness becoming boring.  Have options available, especially important during the winter months or for days when the weather isn't so inviting to cycle, this could include Spin Classes, Mountain Biking, Running, Circuit Training or even walking.

Try to benchmark your fitness so you can track your progress.  For example have a set test cycling route, then every month ride the route and compare your times. 

The internet is a great source of information for ideas, training plans and advice, below are a few useful links;

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