Route Summary:

Entrée Route

24.9 miles
1,280 feet (390 metres) of ascent

Broom Wagon Speed 7 mph
Broom wagon leaves 15 mins after the last start time, riders must keep ahead of the Broom wagon or be swept up! Click here for more Broom Wagon Info / Times

Food Station 15.5 miles from the start (9.4 miles from the Finish)

Broom wagon arrives at food station 11:58hrs

First 3.9 miles and last 3.3 miles common to all routes

Significant Hill;

Dodington Drag (Parish Lane 1 Mile Long, Average Gradient 5%, Maximum Gradient 9%, Total Ascent 75.5m (238ft)


GPX File can be downloaded from mapmyride, click on 'more details' link below map



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